How To Maintain Optimism During This Global Lockdown Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

HOW DARE YOU be optimistic at a time that novel Coronavirus Pandemic is ravaging many strong nations?


That was a direct message I received in response to one of my posts on LinkedIn. Guess what my response?


“I know things are tough, and yes life just became that much harder for all of us. BUT….I was optimistic BEFORE a time like this, why should I change now?”


Let’s be supportive, let’s be empathetic, let’s be practical and let’s unite to help those in need. But please…..let’s be OPTIMISTIC as together we will rise above this.


“Optimism is the ultimate definition of a leader. A leader has to look optimistically at what is ahead while not ignoring the challenges that must be overcome.”


Do not Let Fear Stop You From Sharing Your Knowledge and Experiences despite the challenges we face now: When I first started posting on social media I used to worry about what people would say about me whilst being true to myself. I wondered if I had enough of a voice to be heard.


During the past decade, I’ve come to realise that the only way to find my voice is to use it by talking about the things that I’m passionate about. I will not let my apprehensiveness stand in the way of letting me share what I’ve got!! There are no rules here, share what you’ve got and have fun doing it.


In times as this, Children may not fully understand what’s going on, but they do absorb our stress. As parents, we need to take care of ourselves.”


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