How To Build Good #Business Relationship With #Customers

When a customer comes into your shop, it is always advisable you endeavor to follow these guidelines so as to keep them coming because first impression matters alot in #Business.



Greet your customer with a friendly tone. Yes! Greet and call them by name (that’s if you already know him/her). If you are busy attending to a customer, greet the new
customer(s) and tell them you will attend to them shortly. Do not leave the first customer to go and settle
the second customer. It should be first come-first serve.


Ask your customer what they want to buy. Listen carefully to what your customer wants and do not
make them repeat what they’ve said.


Always be honest to your customer(s). Build that trust. If you do not agree with the customer, do not argue with
your customer, make them feel they are right. Don’t get angry with your customer because he or she
does not want your product. Allow them to say their minds.


When your customer is about to leave, thank them for their support and ask them to call again. With this, you’ve built a long lasting business relationship with your customers and it’ll also make them to bring new people to you. Also in most cases, provide avenue for referral bonus(es).