How to Activate Glo Network New Social Media Bundle for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

What are the core Steps on How to Activate the New Social Media Bundle (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp) On Glo Network NIGERIA?

Recently, Glo Nigeria introduced Bundles that can be used for three major Social Media Platforms, and they are; Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

The Glo bundles for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter are subscribed collectively on the Glo network which means that a single subscription can give you access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter at the same time, while Telegram, Tiktok, and Instagram are subscribed differently and particularly for each other.

How to Activate Glo Network New Social Media Bundle for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

Glo Nigeria also introduced other subscriptions specially for YouTube and Opera News (good news for Nigerians who love Opera News Hub) separately.

How to Subscribe For Social Media Bundles on Glo

  1. First and foremost, dial *777# on your Glo line.
  2. Select one: which represents Data.
  3. Choose ‘buy data plans’ by selecting one again.
  4. Select either ‘auto renewal’ if you want your data bundle to renew automatically after it has been exhausted, or select ‘one-off’ so you can come back to buy again when data has been exhausted.
  5. Choose number six(6) after step four for Social Media Bundles.
  6. Select one(1) and subscribe according to how much airtime you have.

Similarly, you can choose to subscribe for other Social Media Platforms like; Instagram, Telegram and Tiktok by selecting four(4) for ‘Single Bundles’ after step(5) above.

You can also enjoy YouTube and Opera News subscription via the same way, all you just need to do is to follow the steps accordingly and subscribe.

Then you can calmly enjoy your Glo Network and rule your world.

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