How Social Media Can Aid Boost Your #Business

Social Media should be termed or tagged a relief or business booster; but that’s if it’s properly handled. I equally believe that even a newbie to Social network must have gotten to observe it that the internet housing social networks/ media is doing greatly for businesses in boosting their relationship with customers, reaching out to new or intending patronizers, and lots more.


Social media has introduced a whole lot of vital changes to communication between organizations, communities, and the individuals. Now, the question isn’t why should your business be on social media, rather why shouldn’t your business be on social media. Everything is changing fast in this computer age and as a business personality, you must follow up with the trend so that you won’t loose customers.


Here are verified ways social media can boost your business:

Increased platforms: Adding social media strategies to your traditional (offline) marketing activities can open up newer lines and platform for communication with target audience.

– Easy engagement: engaging with customers and potential customers is easier which improves business and customer relationship and consequently fosters brand loyalty and engagement.

– Unequal reach: with social media, you can reach customers, industry peers and leader near, far and across the globe. This assists to take your business from local to global faster
than usual. This is why someone can be in far away country and sell things to another person in another country; maybe through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

– Immediacy: The social media is fast,  available and can be accessed at anytime anywhere as for as you are connected to a digital technology. This means you don’t have to wait for TV or newspaper or radio channel to air your adverts, you just start talking about
your product when you want.


Your customers and competitors are there: Research has it that over 70% of the world’s population uses the Internet. The market is huge, there are people waiting to be engaged, go in there and get your share of proverbial

– Customer inclusion: When people can feel like they are part of your business, you’ve got them hooked. Nothing says user inclusion like social media. They are getting users to generate their own content using a specific hashtag. This has not only increased the awareness for the brands involved, it will guarantee them loyalty from
the participants whether they win or not.