How People with Jobs belittle Traders

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A Nigerian man (Dickson Chukwuemeka James) had taken to Facebook to react on the manner by which most Nigerians who have a ‘White Collar Jobs’ do pity, insults and look down on street traders.


In his words; “It’s in Nigeria, You will see a graduate working for #50,000 (fifty thousand Naira) monthly either as a secretary, sales personnel, Teacher, P. A. Or any other white collar job looking down on the man by the road side washing cars, looking down on the man/woman by the road side selling meat, looking down on the lady by the road side fixing Wigs and Nails.”


“Even insulting, pitying and making fun of the Taxi/Keke/bus driver and the lady sewing clothes along the road, calling them poor and unfortunate because that novice graduate is putting on Tie and suit, because she is carrying handbag fitted with high heels. Lmao.”

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“Some of those people you look down on earns far more than you, they might not be looking as neat as you, neither can they speak the magnitude of Grammar you speak but don’t think you are financially better than them. If they eventually place the burdens and responsibilities they carry on your shoulders, you will commit suicide within 6 months.”


Some of them make up to #3,000-5,000 daily which makes it #90,000-150,000 monthly. Your type would have use people as Carpet if you earn that much monthly. Be humble. Don’t look down on people. Your salary is someone’s tithe. Respect others even if they look dirty. #IRESTMYCASE”