How NNUForum Generates Income To Pay Participants (NNU)

I’ve got a wonderful piece to share with you all over the investigation I made on the trending NNU Program which has been running successfully for a long time now. The word ‘NNU’ is the acronym for Nigerian News Update. It’s equally referred to as NNU INCOME since they specialize of paying bonafide participants monthly. is well recognized around the globe as a legitimate news website that pays people participating on its program.


Straight to the core topic for this article: How Does NNUForum generate income for paying those participating in the program;

After thorough investigation as media guru cum blogger, I’ve confirmed that NNU INCOME Website is monetized with Google AdSense,, and many more monetization programs. Now, between 21st to 28th of each month, millions of naira are generated from these monetization programs. When this monetization programs pays them, NNU commences paying its participants between 28th to 31st of that month. This is just an excerpt on how NNU operates/generates funds to pay participants.



Recall that, NNU.NG made history sometime ago when they ranked no1 website in Nigeria. They’ve gone far. Keep calling it scam whilst the participants keep cashing out monthly.

What you stand to gain when you are part of NNU Forum Platform. Here is what you will get when you join us on NNU Forum today:


You will earn and cash out even without referral as a regular earner turn by turn or Earn up to 71.5% affiliate commission per referral if you are an affiliate guru or take the bull by the horn and become NNU smart earner. You can also earn 15% agent commission per sales daily if you work smart with us as a smart distributor.


Now, if I should advise you, I will gladly tell you not miss this lucrative opportunity at least the time you spend on the internet -you will be paid for it.



To join NNU Forum is very affordable. All you need is just a one time membership + product payment of ₦1,400 ONLY.



NNU FORUM will not only share monthly revenue with you as a member, but we also have more interesting goodies to spice up your day which i am pretty sure you will enjoy.