How Do You Reach Your Highest Potential In Life?

The best version of yourself is a preparation of your yesterday and today. 

Success is not an accidental occurrence rather it is a season of preparation and hard work.

The concept of education and schooling in our generation need a huge redirection and restructuring especially in Africa…We believe schooling will make us reach out every potentials stored in them..

A person who attended a school setting will focus on getting good grade thereby creating fear of failure which Will produce unrealized potential… Schooling is not education and education is just part of a Success principles…

Going to school Will not guarantee your journey of success…schooling is the acquiring of knowledge and useful fact through education;school was design as part of a way to restructure the thinking pattern of an individual to think in a certain direction therefore I define “education as a form and pattern through which a mentality is built”

A student spend the maximum of seven years and minimum of six years in the medical Field to acquire a degree in an aspect of medicine..

Another student spend Five years in the university to acquire a degree in the field of engineering either as an agricultural engineer or petroleum engineer..

I’m using this two students to explain because they’re professional occupation that is highly Demanded in our world today. Try comparing those two students after years of mentorship and training which they got from school.

They will not think the same way;they’re educated to think in a certain perspective about life because of the training administered to them..

School is a body that cover a part of education…education is a continuous learning that helps in shifting the mind.

Even if you are graduate of a college,you’re not a graduate of the university of life hence education is a lifetime process.

So reaching out your highest potential,there are keys I believe in my personal study that will aid you in this faithful journey.
this is the question of identity and purpose..nobody begin their journey in life without a true identity of themselves..
Every clear identity put a focus and concentration. A sense of purpose remove the fear of failure and criticism
Dr John C Maxwell wrote”success is knowing your purpose in life,growing to reach your maximum potentials and sowing the seed that benefit others”..

When a manufacturer produce a product,he knows the purpose of a product before it will later be sent into the market place..the customer purchase the product because the purpose is known..

Success in general start with knowing one’s definite purpose (Who am I)
Purpose is the driving force of every passion in life..

Thomas A Edison knew his purpose in life and he failed but he continued.
Do you why people fear failure?
People fear failure because they don’t their definite purpose in life..
The true sense of school have been lost in the 21st century because school should build potential in people but it has hidden potentials in people..

Bishop David O Oyedepo said “Certificate makes a worker but the investment of time and resources to knowledge will make a leader”
The school system only create room for certificate therefore making a worker so there must be a readjustment to our school system in Africa especially in Nigeria..

“Who am I”will make a person to reach their highest potential

Dr Myles Munroe wrote “trapped in every follower is a hidden leader”. Imagine that every human being on earth has leadership potential..
The question of “WHAT CAN I DO” is a question of strength and ability..
Ephesians 4:7″Yet grace (God’s unmerited favor) was given to each of us individually [not indiscriminately, but in different ways] in proportion to the measure of Christ’s [rich and bounteous] gift.”
Every human being on earth was born with one or two gifts..our school system will never help one discover their gift and ability in life…

In reaching out your highest potential,you need your gift as the engine that steer you up.
Proverbs 18:20″ A man’s [moral] self shall be filled with the fruit of his mouth; and with the consequence of his words he must be satisfied [whether good or evil].”

Ever since I discover this truth from the scripture,I pay much attention to myself to know those gifts stored in me…

Don’t be limited!!!
Unveil every ability in you

I personally see it as the most important of all because it has to do with your destination..

Dreams are unseen vision or photo of yourself in the future..destination are important in man’s life and destination is a result of what you’ve invested now not later..

In the context of discussion,it has to do with your contribution to the world and humanity..
Every individual want to end up reaching out the best of themselves so we have to give a self examination and answer this three questions..
Watch yourself fly

Success is a preparation

Article Written By: Uwalaka Chigozie Victor.

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