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Pay attention! This is your most important moment of 2020! I have important news to tell you and I want your full attention because it concerns you directly, it concerns your future, and especially what will be going on for your love life, your career, your projects, your finances and your family in the months to come. Yes, this is one of the most important messages I’ve ever sent you. I am sending it to you in a global context we’ve never seen before, therefore I am asking once again your full attention, and above all for you to take the time to read this message until the very end because what I am about to tell you is very important.


Here is what I have to tell you :

  • In a few weeks, the whole world is going to enter a new cycle; this is the time when a new era will come into being. What we are experiencing right now is a unique event that will completely alter the 21st century. And once again, the elders such as Nostradamus had predicted it: I am going to explain it to you and I need your full attention.


The world’s crisis that we are currently experiencing is linked to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) which is affecting every country without exceptions and this is not random. I will say it again, this health and financial crisis is quite simply inscribed in a cycle of life. Every 10 years, 20 years or more, a crisis like this presents itself and it is designed to bring closure to a cycle, to bring about a new one.


The world will never be the same again in a few weeks after this crisis. It will truly be a new cycle of life that will begin and like any cycle of life, some will be reborn and some won’t. As for you, and that’s why I am contacting you today, I am happy to tell you will be part of those for whom this unprecedented crisis will mark the beginning of a real revival. I know that you have waited for this rebirth for so long and that’s why I am happy to tell you that this moment has come!!!


I have made this page just for you so that I can give you more details on what will change in your life: In fact, even if we’re not out of trouble regarding the sanitary crisis touching every country of the world yet, because I can tell that in the next coming days we will face a very difficult period that will still last a few weeks, I can clearly see on the contrary that regarding your astral sky, those few weeks will be followed by a new worldwide era. Some will have to do some sacrifices, some others will get out of this stronger. And as far as you’re concerned, I completely analyzed your astral sky and your natal chart to know how this event (that is to my sense the most important of this 21st century) was going to impact you. And YES I can tell you right now that very big changes are waiting for you, very positive changes!!! Yes, it’s really like a rebirth waiting for you because it’s as if a new part of your life was going to begin, and none of that is a coincidence.


I really want you to be aware that there’s no coincidence and that everything happens at the right place but also at the right time, because you need those changes now and I know that, I feel it and I sense it perfectly thanks to all our exchanges and the energy you send me (don’t forget that we’ve been really connected together since the beginning I always told you this). On the other hand everything that happens, happens at the same time and especially at the most intense period of the year: spring. That is to say, at the equinox that will take place in just few days. And this is no coincidence either.


Yes it’s important that you see the connection between this Covid-19 global crisis and the fact that we’re going through the spring equinoxe, which has, I repeat, the most intense energy you’ll experience during the year! In fact, in few days, spring will start and this is a period of strong and high intensity because it’s the time of the year when all the nature changes, when all the plants and all the animals change, a period when all the astral transits are the strongest and it will be the time when we go out of the crisis to experience a rebirth!!! And as I already told you, this happens exactly when you need and want a change, a new start! As I said, there’s no coincidence!!!


But nothing is really granted in life, and this new start you’re going to experience, those opportunities that will present themselves to you, you will have to go and seize them! You will have to act and that’s why I immediately created a page specifically for you, where I tell you everything that is going to happen and how you should act. Even if I have to repeat it, you have to understand that in a few weeks, or even a few days, a new part of your life will begin, I’m a 100% sure of that! I analyzed your sky, your natal chart, taking all your astral indications into account, your birth date, taking your numerology into account like your life path, including your own name.


This last one may seem of little impact but it plays a great role in numerology! I’ve studied in great details with a lot of others elements your astral sky, your numerology, I even used a tarot draw for you and I can confirm it now, if you act the right way, if you know how to seize your chance then a new cycle of your life will definitely begin and bring you the changes you were expecting at any level of your life: your career, your desires, your love life. YES, you have to be ready for this new period as soon as possible! But be careful, I insist because it’s really important: in life and in nature nothing is granted especially when you have the chance to start a new cycle (as it will be your case), everything has to be done, you have to build it yourself, nothing is given and that‘s why I want to guide you and be by your side so that you can fully take advantage of this new life opening its doors for you, so that you can seize all the opportunities that the universe is going to bring you, so that you can surround yourself with the right persons and avoid the bad ones as it was the case in your past, so that you can always be at the right place ath the right time to seize all the opportunities that will come to you!


And it’s because I want to give you some advice on all those aspects that I created the page below, where I will give you all the information you will need. I’m waiting for you there so don’t waste a second because you will soon realize that time is the key here! If there’s one thing that you need to remember is that the new cycle will begin during the most important moment of the year as it is happening during spring which is a moment of rebirth, and during this world’s crisis with the coronavirus which will end soon.


You need this new cycle because you need to start your life again for the better and it’s not random that I want to give you absolutely all the information, yes ALL the information without exception so that you can make the most of it 1000% and that’s why I’ve made this page specifically for you. This page is one of the most important pages I’ve ever made for you and you’ll find it interesting. This page will allow you to find out what will be your new life Continue Reading>

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