Cancer: Early Symptoms And How It Can Be Reduced

Cancer is among the most deadly and fast killer disease that has sent thousands, and millions of people to grave as getting the cure has continued to prove abortive though more research is still ongoing. It is basically the abnormal division of cells in the human body which affects the tissues. Since it can’t be cured, here are ways to reduce the chances of having them.


  •  Reduce carcinogenic food: carcinogenic foods are foods that comes in contact with direct flame. Research has shown that the major cause of cancer are as a result of carcinogenic foods. So there is a need to cut down food that comes in contact with direct flame.


  • Eating balance diet: it’s no doubt that balance diet plays an important role in our health. Eating a balance diet has shown to reduce the risk of getting cancer.
  • Cutting down excess carbonated drink. Taking fruits: taking fruits daily help detoxify the body.This prevent some toxin in your body from activating your onco genes.
  • Lastly live a stress free life – This might sound weird. But leaving a stress free life and exercising every day helps reduce the chances of getting cancer and could help you live long. These are the few ways i know to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

Signs of Breast Cancer:

The following are unsual signs of cancer of the breasts that are not always being noticed by the females:


Nipple discharge: It is not necessarily mean that only a nursing mother can experience nipple discharges. Don’t hesitate to the hospital to consult the physician if this happens to you.


Inverted nipple: When your nipples go inside or look inverted, it is a sign of cancer of the breast.


Different skin texture: Another sign of breast cancer is the changing of skin texture around the breast. This may be flaking or thicker.


Skin dimpling: When this happens, the breasts skin will be peeling and affect texture drastically. This is not always common in breast cancer.

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