How can Business Analysts and Consultants succeed in delivering agile projects?

How can Business Analysts and Consultants succeed in delivering agile projects?

  1. Focus on writing the “right level” of user requirements/ user stories. Remember it’s about the conversations, interaction and context.

  2. Ask how and why the user-story is delivering value to the customer and be able to articulate this

  3. Understand the needs of the customer and help unpack this either through prototyping, whiteboarding, workshops etc.

  4. Work with the product owner to help define the business scenarios. This will help the test team as well as the implementation partner.

  5. Explore different tools to help you be more effective

  6. Focus on building a solid relationship with your product owner.

What other tips or tools have you learnt from your experiences? Do share.

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Are you getting the interview when you apply for the job?

Meanwhile, too many are submitting rapid fire style to 100’s of job listings and not getting any interviews.

Then they get upset that world is unfair and that the system is broken.

Time to look in the mirror. The way people are hired has changed. Paradigm changers include: increased competition, the ATS, video interviews and the economic changes brought on by the pandemic.

Your approach to each job listing submission needs to be tailored for each specific role, even in the same industry or for a similar type of position.

Think of a game of darts. You don’t grab 100 darts and hurl them at one time at the board. Instead, you take the 100 shots, one at a time, each adjusting from what you have experienced with the previous lessons learned.

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