How and When To Engage in Professional Development

When is the last time you engaged in professional development?

Employers recognize that their industry and markets are continuously evolving. They need employees who can learn, adapt and grow in order to embrace and leverage change.

How do they select candidates with these capabilities?

☛They find folks who are already practicing lifelong learning, regular adaptation and personal growth.

How do YOU (the job seeker) convey these praxes?

☞By showing a robust list of professional development in your resume or by talking about how you stay abreast of developments in your field and industry. As a Recruiter, I like to see a variety of information sources, including formal education, certification programs, seminars and professional associations.

Don’t currently have professional development activities to list in your resume?

☞Start today! Many certification courses and seminars can be completed in the amount of time it will take to develop your resume. You can also list formal education that is “in progress”.

What is your favorite professional development activity?

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Credit: Angela Watts (SHRM-CP, RACR, CCTC; Fortune 100 Recruiter turned Executive Resume Writer – producing highly effective resumes that get results!)

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