How A Nigerian Feminist Forced Husband To Transfer His Land Ownership To Her

Nigerian Feminist Brags After Making Her Husband Transfer His Land Ownership To Her

A Nigerian lady who identifies as a feminist has shared the story of how she requested that her husband change ownership of his land to her name.

According to the woman known as Chisara Agoha, the land was purchased by her husband when he was still a bachelor.

She narrated how they were both sleeping one night when she decided to wake him up to discuss the transfer of ownership of the land to her.

Chisara told her husband that giving up the land would show how submissive he is to his wife.

Although he initially objected by stating that the piece of land is the only property he had as a single man, she added that he eventually gave in to her demands.

Sharing the story via Twitter, the married woman wrote;

“My husband has a land he bought before I married him.

“So I woke him up around midnight to have an important talk with him.

“He rubbed his eyes and inquired what the time was?

“I didn’t answer that. I tapped him harder.

“When he got up and sat at the edge of the bed, I said to him “since we are married now, I think there is an important thing I need to tell you.”

“He said okay and stared blankly at the wall.

“As the head of this family, I have been thinking that that land you have should have the ownership changed to my name. “

“His eyes quickly darted at me and again at the wall.

“Yes, as your woman and your head, the property you acquired before I married you should now be in my name. This will show you are submissive. When you were single, you were free to have anything but once you are married, you should change them to my name.

“No one should tell you this.” I said.

“He sighed, looked up and said “but that land is the only thing I achieved when I was single. How do I change it to your name?”

“To be honest, I was pissed.

“In the first place, a single man had no business buying assets when he knows he will marry someday and have a woman who is his head. The best thing you should have done is, put that money in the bank and wait till you marry.

“Once you marry, you can then buy the land in your wife’s name as it should be.” I replied him.

“I told him that I was giving him till first week of April this year to change the land documents to my name or this marriage will be over.

“I don’t even know any sensible man that will wait till I talk to him about that before knowing the right thing to do.

“Second week of April, he transferred ownership to me. We are happy and still together. Younger men have to understand that marriage is about sacrifice.

“As a man, you have to sacrifice a lot to see your marriage works. I pray God gives a lot of men the wisdom to navigate their marriages. Amen.”