Hobbies Inclusion On Resume Writing

HOBBIES on your RESUME: Yes or No?

My answer: yes.
Oops, I meant YES!

Two clients laughed out loud at my suggestion.

“This is not Facebook.”
“I’m not in school.”

Hear me out.
I’m not talking about generic yawn fests like reading, cycling, cooking, running.

I’m talking about SPECIFIC passions that help you STAND OUT.

What is the purpose of your resume?
-To create a connection with the recruiter so you are called for an interview.

So, here is my approach.
The hobby needs to be either:

a) ACHIEVEMENT oriented:

-Competed in The IronMan Triathlon in 2016 and 2017
-Enjoy languages. Can speak English, Spanish, French and Hindi fluently, thereby can converse with approx 1/3rd of the world’s population.

b) Or just simply, FUN.

-Enjoy baking. Probably bake the world’s most delicious brownie.
-Absolutely devoted to my daily 10k run since 2006, come rain, shine or snow.

Those same clients who laughed, got called for an interview, and the hiring manager mentioned specifically:

😎“I saw that you went couch surfing in Thailand, nice! I loved my time in Koh Samui.”
😎“Your brownie statement made us LOL in the hiring team.”

✔ It is an over-crowded labour market. STAND OUT.
✔ Recruiters are people. Make a connection, beyond the serious blah blah.


Written By: SONAL BAHL (Career Coach || HR Director || INSEAD MBA || Fluent in English/French/Spanish/Hindi || Speaker || LinkedInLive #SuperChargeFridays every Friday at 3 pm CET)

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