Hilarious Stages Of Every UNN Fresh Student

There has always been hilarious and epic moments of every newly admitted student more especially during their first semester of first level. In University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) – Here are funny stages of every year one student; (Written By: Hon. C.C Ugwu)


1) WAITING FOR ADMISSION LISTS: At this moment, you will be too inquisitive to see that your name is on the list even when you know that you will still make it considering your score.

2) WAITING FOR RESUMPTION: At this stage you have been admitted. Now the only thing you want to hear is the resumption date.In short ,many will be like “school things on my mind”.At this stage you begin to imagine how life in school will be.Some of you will begin to give their friends level. You don’t know that life is not about “who first start start, but who first finish”.

3) SCHOOL RESUMES: At this moment, you are the happiest person on earth.You have left home, you now have the freedom. Many will be determined to get first class.When you invite such persons to any activity,they will be like “I want to get first class”.
You must have attended the award giving night of the finalists and you saw how the best graduating/first class students were honored. You now turned into a “first class freak.First class no be to kill yourself. Its being determined, smart and God’s FAVOUR.

At this stage,you are now in 300 – 400L.You have learnt what it means to say “I am in the lion’s den.At this moment,you will see those who will not graduate that with their mates,those who will leave with first class, second class upper,second class lower, even best graduating. At this stage too,everyone is now tired of school. Many will be like “UNN should just give me that certificate let me leave sef”


At this moment, LABOUR MARKET awaits you to show them what you have.Not just certificate….You have finally graduated, what next ? Life after school. That your long time friend you stopped calling or chatting with just because he couldn’t get admission must have left for business after he couldn’t get admission. You have graduated,he have succeeded in his business. He is doing well now.You now seek for his attention but he have no time for you then. No matter the stage you have attained at any level in life,some people have been there,some people have left that stage.


Be humble. Humility pays. Be good to people around you because you can never tell tomorrow. Tomorrow is bright! Tomorrow is beautiful.