Here are 5 useful lessons for those looking to start a Podcast

Over the years I’ve hosted 562 podcast episodes…

Here are 5 useful lessons for those looking to start a podcast

1. Podcasting is a deeply authentic way of expressing your soul that reveals the truth of who you are.

You could totally finess a 55 second video or writing an article but there’s only so much you can BS by having many 55-minute episodes of your voice.

2. The biggest value is what you directly learn from your guests on camera, the relationships you build off camera and the content you have to distribute and repurpose.

3. Choosing to subscribe to someone’s podcast is a commitment. Listening to anything for 45 minutes a couple of times a week enables you to get into someone’s head

4. Podcasting is like having a passive funnel. Anyone can join at any time and have complete access to who you are. If you are legit then it just proves to clients why they should work with you, and vice-versa.

5. Podcasting & LinkedIn is like a double hammer combo strategy. Create micro-content from the podcast and publish on LinkedIn to get into your guest’s network/audience to lead back into your podcast off social media.

Are you looking to start a podcast? What are your biggest questions? Let’s hear from you via the comment section.

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