Health: Suffering from Fatigue? Here’s a Cure

Exhausted and currently suffering from Fatigue? Here’s a remedy for you;


If you are woman going through #perimenopause then feeling fatigued is a common symptom that affects +70% of women and have a moderate to high impact on our quality of life. When your energy is depleted it can be very difficult to see a way forward. Often, without realising, you will have developed a pattern of coping which further reduces your stamina.


This is sometimes referred to as the ‘Boom and Bust’ coping pattern (as in the diagram). Boom and bust happens when you cycle between doing to much and then doing too little, since you ‘crash’ and need to rest and recover. Sounds familiar?


Recognising these unhelpful habit patterns can be the first step toward creating a steady platform on which to rebuild body confidence, stamina and well-being.

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