Health Advisory on Warning Signs of STROKE

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The warning signs of a stroke is FAST

  • If 1 side of your face is drooping, and/or
  • Your arm is numb and you’ve difficulty lifting it, and/or
  • Your speech is slurring

You’ve basically got 30 minutes to get to the hospital accident and emergency department.

Always carry 2-4 aspirins with u. Chew them immediately, then wash it down with water. Aspirins thin your blood and delays the stroke. And they’re super cheap.

Any delays result in long term disability or death.

Baseline, if u don’t make #time for your #wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness.

Health Advisory on Warning Signs of STROKE

Why do we struggle to emerge from failures?

I struggled because I lacked Character

Character has 4 parts:

  1. Strength: It is resilience to withstand when things are not working out. Ability to emerge from past failures is character too. I kept looking for this outside, thinking others will help me. It is also believing in yourself & faith that good things will happen for you. I was weak within hence I gave up easily

  2. Values: If your values are strong it can help you stand tall even when everything is crumbling. The soldier continues to fight a losing battle because he is committed.
    Ability to live by values also shows character especially when the going is not good. I struggled, was a shaky character

  3. Persistence: DOTS (Do One Thing Surely) even when fear & greed are at play. This is the toughest part & I could never do this well. Infact I have only persisted in one thing in my lifetime that is writing:)

  4. Results & Expectations: Letting go of expectations & results is an important part of character. This is where fear & greed comes in too. We lose focus on action because focus is on results. Expectation is the root cause of misery. Letting go is a test of character. I was unable to let go

Do you have a strong character?
Where are you stuck?

Article Written By: Sandeep Kochhar (LinkedIn user)