Have A Nice Day – Man reacts as he catches his wife sleeping with his Bestfriend (Video)

A recent video which has so far gone viral on the internet captured the moment a husband nabbed his wife having intercourse with his bestfriend, Jason in the sitting room of his home.

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In the footage, the man could seen opening the door swiftly and nabbing them in the act as they searched for words to use in defending their actions.

He then, immediately asked his wife named Janelle for a divorce, saying that he is done with the marriage.

“I want a divorce, will you give me a divorce?” he said.

The man dropped his copy of the house keys and said he is done, adding that he loves his daughter but he can’t continue putting up with his wife’s cheating.

He then proceeded to say that the footage will be seen by only the judge before concluding with; “Sorry for disturbing you, have a nice day”.

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