Google’s three-day weekend vs Employees rxn

Google respect the life of an employee & in return get’s the same from the employee. We can see the results from company’s growth.

Google has always been on top when it comes to employees’ well being.

After extending the #WFH model until 2021 summer, Google now introduced a three-day weekend, once, for all employees (even interns).

To maintain peace-of-mind and to compensate overburdened work-from-home days, this is really a cool move by Google.

Not only this, but employees can even swap their extra leave day with some other day in the week.

Back in 2019, Microsoft 365 Japan also tried the same thing.

Results were,
40% increased #productivity,

23% less #electricity,

and 59% less paper,

and 92% of #employees said better work-life balance.

In addition, Google has always been a great place to work with. However, it is an exemption and majority of the companies do not follow this.

If you talk about India, most of the companies here don’t treat employees as human beings, they are only machines to them and to be replaced as and when required.

I have worked sigh Pepsico and Brightpoint (Ingram) who maintain work life balance and also seen company without naming it (A big Corporate) who treat it’s employees as slaves, forget about three days weekend, employee has to even come on Sunday’s and working late night in office is a routine.

However, if companies treat their employees as assets and try to maintain work life balance, no doubt productivity will increase and employee will be working with all his dedication.

What are your views on the four-day system?

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