GoodNews On Your Desired Relationship, Career & Others In Future — BY COACH

I was so intrigued by what I have seen in your natal chart, that I have worked on the analysis of your personal configuration. And guess what? Good news for you, as Venus is going to be in retrograde motion. It means an incredible chance to make your relationship with that special person flourish, be successful and full of joy. Find understanding, and resolve any questions you may have about your love life. This configuration will have a very direct, and immediate impact on your love life. So, I had to contact you immediately to keep you updated. Just let me give you a short explanation so that you can get the main point from the astrological perspective.



Venus is the planet of love, which shows the way you express your feelings, your desires, and objectives in the romantic sphere. This planet is responsible for your behavior towards your partner. Your expectations from your relationship, what qualities you value the most, and what is your image of an ideal couple, etc… The position of Venus in your natal chart defines your character in terms of love relation; while the transits of Venus through your astral sky (like the one going to start shortly), show the perspectives in your love life for a precise period of time. I have also discovered that, at the same moment of time, the Moon will place itself in a very sensitive position in your natal chart.



Therefore, emphasizing particular emotions. The position of the Moon will amplify the influence of Venus, and will push you to action, as the influence of instincts, and inner urges cannot be underestimated when talking about romantic sphere. I would not tire you too much with technical details, so let’s move directly to practical things.



I do remember that you asked me “How to make your relationship with that person work” Now, you can get the answer to it. There are so many people that give up on a happy future together with their soulmate because of a little bump on the road, but I am sure you are not one of them! Each relationship is unique, with its own issues, and strong points. The basis of having successful relationship is mutual understanding, which comes from deep knowledge of each other. Compatibility (or Synastry) in astrology is a unique tool that can bring you the answers about that special person in your heart, and your relationship with them. It allows to analyze both, natal charts, and then combine them together to find the way to resolve any questions you may have about your love life. As well as to predict the possible outcomes of your relationship. It can help you move forward in your love life in regards to the person you have on your mind, and to act in the right way to make your love life flourish.



I know that at this stage of your relationship you are seeking for some help and advice.You have made certain mistakes in the past. You are probably searching to get rid of the questions constantly popping up in your mind which are not letting you move forward to the new level of understanding in your love life. I perceive your feelings at the moment, as your heart beats faster for that person, but at the same time you are hesitating about what to do, how to interpret their behaviors, their words, and attitudes.


The coming Venus retrograde period is going to open in front of you a unique chance to resolve all your doubts. However, you need to get ready for it in advance in order to make it work the way you want. In fact, while being in retrograde motion Venus is going to pass through the sensitive point in the 5th house (house of love) of your natal chart, and this according to your date of birth date and taking into account your place of living.


Normally this position of Venus does not last for a long time, but due to the retrograde movement, the planet of love will spend quite some time there. I must say you are really lucky. You just cannot let this chance pass by. You need to start preparing right now for this incredible opportunity to have a flourishing, and successful relationship with the person of your dreams.


Love is the beauty of our existence and during this Venus Retrograde period, you will have an opportunity to experience it! Of course, the planets only can open the door in front of you, but it will be up to you to make a decisive step. In fact, according to your natal chart, I can clearly see that you will need to take an important decision in regards to this special person whom you have in your heart. This decision will have an impact on your relationship in a short-term period, but what is more important it will define its future course too. It is impossible to underestimate this decision, which is why you cannot just go blind and see what happens. You need to have all the details in your hands to make this decision.


I can see that you have made certain mistakes in the past. You need to stop blaming yourself and your special one for that, as these mistakes and difficulties have been amplified by the lack of information about the person who is so important to you. Let the past stay in the past. However, do not repeat the same scenario over and over again. As during the coming period, you will be able to get out of this vicious circle, and finally start moving forward towards harmonious and successful relationship.



There are several reasons or stages that are going to lead you towards this important transformation in your love life, which are: making an important decision in regards to your partner, and your relationship. This will lead to the resolution of certain issues you are facing at the moment in your love life, and finally set the foundation for a long-term happy relationship. The important part here, is to make the right decision which will allow you to move forward with strength and confidence, which is why it is so important to be completely aware of all the available options.



There is one more important thing that I would like to emphasize here. In order to be able to make this decision, you clearly need to understand your relationship. You need to make certain changes in yourself, as personal transformation and self-development are an important step in your particular situation to benefit from a fulfilling relationship with that person.


These changes will also transform the look your beloved one has towards your relation, them more harmonious and tender. Love is one of the unique gifts from nature to us. I know that you have experienced certain disappointments in this area of your life giving you a certain sentiment of fear, and doubts that hinder you from moving forward. Now it is time to cheer up and to make things move your way! With the planets giving you this unique chance; it is up to you to act.


I am very sensitive to your current situation, as I can feel all your doubts and worries. I am so happy to bring you the good news about this unique Venus Retrograde period which is going to start very soon. Gather your strength, get ready for it! Build a happy, and secure relationship with that person you have in your heart. You just cannot allow yourself to play the waiting game or pretend nothing is going on, so make this life-changing step. I am always here to help, and guide you. #Coach : Your Future Well Represented Astrologically (READ HERE)