God directed me to be Sleeping with Female Church Members – Man of God

In a recent story, a man of God has revealed that he’s been led by God to be sleeping with vibrant church members.

Reacting to the viral story, many social media users had expressed disappoinment on how a man of God could say that.

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“Sincerely, the world is coming to an end as most of our pastors uses God’s name to commit all kinds of crime and deceive their members, most of this men of God has turned christianity to business,” a facebook user commented.

The senior Pastor of Everlasting Ministry International in Zambia told his members during their Sunday Service that there’s nothing wrong with it.

The pastor is the General Overseer (G.O) of the everlasting ministry. He’s a popular pastor in Zambia by name Pastor Kennedy John.

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According to the man of God he told his members that he has heard the rumors that has been circulating about it, and told them there is nothing wrong with the act.

According to him, “I was instructed by God to sleep with them before climbing the altar to preach which I will continue to do except God asked me to stop.”