FUTO Student Leaders Vote Against Pouring Of Water On Graduating Students (Reasons)

Increment on FUTO School Fees And Hostel Accommodation…

  • …Also, Rumour Making Round The Campus On Hostel Fee Increment Were Tackled During The Crucial Meeting Held with DEAN of Students Affairs on Sunday 20th October, 2019 at the SUG (Students Union Government) Resource Centre;

As reported by Journ. Comr. Daniel Ogenna Felix, the Dean Of Students Affairs; Prof. Chikwendu Orji had a meeting with all Departmental Executives, Stakeholders, outgoing SUG Officials and incoming SUG Officials alongside all members of the Press; FUTO STUDENTS SOCIETY OF JOURNALISTS (Journalists, Media Houses and Campus Based Bloggers).


The following matters arising were sequentially deliberated upon:


  • Pouring Of Water On Graduating Students After Their Final Examination: The Dean expressed his disappointment over the pattern through which FUTO Students and Nigerian Students at large celebrate their graduation after their last paper on campus. High Comrades such as Departmental and Faculty Executives alongside student stakeholders AGREED and jointly SAID NO to the excesses experienced in the name of Celebrating “Graduation or Final Paper” such as POURING OF WATER on graduands, recklessness in driving and all other means of celebration unhealthy for the Nigerian students.


  • CBT Examination For Year One Students: The Dean Of Students Affairs Made it clear that once A Freshman Clicks “Submit” after answering or before answering the Examination Questions, his or her result is made KNOWN to the school management alone at the Dashboard. In his tune “No more sorting. Tutorial Masters can now find another job.”


  • School Fees: Nigerian students inquired from Dean of the rumors making round the campus regarding the “INCREMENT in SCHOOL FEES” and the Dean replied that such a rumor remains UNCONFIRMED therefore remains untrue as he speaks.


  • Hostel Fee: Nigerian Students also inquired of the Dean on the rumors spreading over the INCREASE in the payment of the School Hostel Fee. The Dean called upon the President of FSSJ; Journ. Nwagboso Ifeanyi (Mr Fresh) to defend himself on such rumours on social media and upon denial that such trends online hasn’t gotten to his notice, the Dean therefore made it clear that such a news is UNCONFIRMED too. The management hasn’t given him a notice to that regard… Until then, such information remains UNTRUE and should be Disregarded by Nigerian students unless upon further prior notice from the management to Nigerian Students.



  • Industrial Training (I.T) Placement: Nigerian Students who were confused over this subject matter asked the Dean if the I.T Placement is now #One Year Or Six months. The Dean clarified the Students that “For now, the Industrial Training Placement still remains Six months (6 months)”… Furthermore, he encouraged the Student Union Government President to visit the SIWES unit of the University so as to update Nigerian Students if there be any further change in the duration.


Also the Public Relations Officer FSSJ; in the person of Journ. Comr. Daniel Ogenna Felix was present together with other executives of FSSJ to cover and give reports of the meeting. As the meeting draws an end, the Dean encouraged Nigerian Students to stay safe on and off campus as there was a motion for the adjournment of the meeting. The meeting ended with a prayer to God Almighty.


Journ. Nwagboso Ifeanyi (Mr Fresh)
Journ. Comr. Daniel Ogenna Felix



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