Fresh Update On Oma Lay’s Arrest In Uganda

They’re Treating Me Like A Killer ; Omah Lay cries out as Ugandan court orders him and Tems to be remanded in Custody

Nigerian singer, Omah Lay has cried out in a series of tweets over how he is being treated in Ugnada after himself and colleague, Tems were arrested.


They were arrested in Uganda on Sunday, December 13, 2020 for performing at a concert, and on Monday appeared before a court on charges of negligently engaging in acts that could likely cause the spread of Coronavirus.

The singer who confirmed his arrest in a tweet, has now gone on a series of lamentations over how he is being treated badly.

In the words of Oma Lay, “I’m in cuffs in Uganda right now with Tems. I’m just a singer trying to entertain, why am I being set up in Uganda?

Oma Lay Uganda arrest

“I didn’t organize a show, I came on stage and saw teeming fans and sang to them… They are treating me like I killed someone”

“Why am I being detained? Why am I not been given a right to a fair hearing?

“Why is Uganda not letting @NigeriaMFA step into this? They have been trying to secure our release to no avail.

Oma Lay in Uganda Concert - Full Story

“Is there something bigger at play in Uganda? Why do I have to take the fall for it???”

They have been remanded till Wednesday, December 16, 2020 after earlier plans to release them on bail was suspended following the sanction of their case file by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Tems is said to have benn taken to Kigo prison, while Omah Lay is being aken to Kitalya prison in the East African country.