Freelancing Job – What You Must Know

Hello Freelancers?

“Why would a client choose me over other freelancers?”

This is a question many freelancers ask themselves, and it is worthy of note.

Before any client would come to your DM via LinkedIn or other platforms, they must have seen something about you and conclude that you’re the right fit for the project.

Therefore it is important you focus on yourself and your skill, don’t get discouraged by how much success your colleagues are achieving but rather get motivated. In other words, forget competition and focus on yourself.

It is important you find Purpose in whatever you’re doing. Your patience and perseverance in your success is built upon Purpose.

There are two types of freelancer;
✓ One that freelance to get paid
✓ One that get paid to freelance

The first is focused on the payment they get for freelancing, whilst the second is focused on creating impact- this one have a Purpose.

Be the second type of freelancer and watch clients coming after you. When you have Purpose for what you do, you’ll be a change maker.

✓ Don’t rush- follow the process
✓ Don’t compete with anyone- focus on yourself
✓ Find a Purpose
✓ Continuously share your work on various platforms- a client would DM you not just because you share your work today but what you shared overtime.

Written By: Chris Omen (LinkedIn user)

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