Francis Van-Lare: ‘The Decent‘ Proposal Challenge in October 2020

Billionaire philanthropist, Francis Van-Lare has dropped a fresh reminder for friends and followers via his Facebook page regards to THE DECENT PROPOSAL CHALLENGE.

Francis Van-Lare announced that ‘The Decent‘ Proposal Challenge in October 2020. If you are unhappy in your marriage then you must summon the courage to let it go . If you are married 3-10 years and you feel trapped and unhappy in the marriage , start getting the reasons why you want to end the marriage altogether and if picked , the Jankaraman will help situate you and your children and even give you a job so you can be independent.

Francis Van-Lare
Francis Van-Lare

Only one winner will be picked , no other prize so please way the options of the fallout if not picked. The winner is not by likes and no inbox solicitation.


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Entry is also by a VIDEO POST of no more than 15 minutes where you tell your story . The Challenge is open to Nigerian residents only. And of course you must be a match maker Nupta (Married), member before you make your entry post not after. Your marriage must not be in a divorce proceeding already and you must be currently living with your spouse and not separated as the challenge is for both the unhappy wife and unhappy husband who feel trapped and want a fresh start.

On Francis Van-Lare post, below are reactions/comments from followers;

Tony Ejimadu: “This is awesome, the intention is great though the repercussions will be catastrophic and devastating. I suggest that the video should be secret, the process and selections should be secret too to avoid putting those who didn’t win in trouble. What use trying to fix one marriage and destroy 100 at the end of the day. Don’t say u warned them before hand as the offer is juicy and poverty is bastard. What do I even know sef?🚶🚶🚶”

Lydia Shine: “Nigerian couples won’t find this interesting to do cause of possible repercussions of if someone that knows me sees the video what will that person think of me? The table you’re about to arrange can’t contain many Nigerian homes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

Onyeka Pamela Offor Nwamuoh: “We don’t want to hear stories of one person shooting/stabbing another after this proposal. Mental health issues are real. Reason well before you post a video about your abuser while still living together with him/her. My 1 kobo contribution though.”

Ugoo Paschal: “If these challenge doesn’t go secret, am afraid,some marriages will turn out irredeemable if by chance it could have been redeemed by the mercy and grace of God. Sometimes i wonder why HELL comes with a better offer. But then,What do I know Kwan,am not in anybodys shoes but mine. I take my leave with Reckless Abandon.”

Chidi Meni: “This is like pouring fuel into the fire for those that will expose themselves in such video and not get chosen at last.
This is a “greek gift” …. Beware!

Precious-Promise Ilalokhoin: “In this era of spousal killing? I suggest the videos should be highly confidential, far away from the public/partner’s awareness. Only a handful of partners will know you are living for greener pastures and still calm down. Anyway, what do I know? This might be another THINK OUT OF THE BOX PUZZLE… Lemme be calming down fess”

Janefrances Ikekwoaba: “This is a wonderful one u propose Sir but have u thought of if some heartless Nigerians lay hands on one of those videos and take advantage of it, what would b d outcome of the person involved in the video?”

Duoh Chidimma: “Plenty premium tears loading… Before embarking on this dangerous challenge, think about the consequences if you didn’t win. Remember, the man that can beat you to stupor, can as well stab you to death after showing yourself to the world. Ogbasadim.”

Oluchi Nnaoma: “Lol. BBN (BBNaija Reality Tv Show) is approaching finals and the stage the house is little boring,Francis must keep Nigerians entertained. Oga Francis (Francis Van-Lare) you are the content we signed on Facebook.”

Odika Uzoma Cynthia: “Video keh… That’s not fair what do u think will become of the ones that didn’t win and are still currently living with their spouses….. Have u considered them… I think u should find a way to do it but also protect their identify…. Nigerians can overdo things at times”

Emeka Kennedy Nwachukwu: “I don’t encourage any sane person to do this. What happens if your spouse knows that you are about to leave and end your life or if you weren’t selected?”

Esther Amarachi Ugwoke: “Marriage I know is not a bed of roses, but the number of persons you want to help is small. Majority will summon courage to do the video but what happens to them if they are not selected, that will be the beginning of their agony (especially the female folks). No married man or woman will boldly say “I am 100% happy”, there must be some sacrifices one have to offer to make life going. Secondly, the condition for the contest is somehow not acceptable to me. No sane man or woman in such abusive marriage will still be living with the person and still have the gut to make the video. It may lead to murder because it’s a social media thing where the whole world gets to see it. Jankara man, please reconsider the conditions. I would suggest let it be for those who have already left the marriage. I rest my case.”

Egwuatu Olorogun O. Don: “Sir , I encourage your good work but always remember marriage is not a bed of roses.Why not create a channel where you can counsel these couples in an unhappy relationship or marriage by trying to bring a lasting peace and harmony. Remember these unhappy couples were sometimes like bread and butter.”

Kenneth Ugo: “Oga I don’t think any sane person will have the courage to do what you instructed, even if your price is 1million Naira. Na Nigeria be this ohh and the internet never ever forget.”


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