Former Names of Ancient Igbo Cities Before British Colonialists Renamed Them

Trackback on the culture, tradition of the Igbos who reside in the eastern part of Nigeria in West Africa. Here are the former names of Ancient Igbo cities before they were renamed by the British Colonialists.

The name of a city is a unique characteristic that locals use when they meet other people.

There are several ways in which a community gets its name, and there is also a factor in changing a community’s name.

There are also different ways to change the name, that is why in Igbo land, there are some communities whose names do not match the correct Igbo name.

Names of Ancient Igbo Cities Before They Were Renamed By The British Colonialists

These are some communities with mispronounced names by the British colonialists and some that were renamed by the British colonialists.
They are:

1: Owerri – Original Name: Owe Ere

2: Orlụ – Original name: Ọlụ

3: Awkuzu – Original Name: Ọkụ Ụzọ Achagbunam

4: Okigwe – Original name: Oka Igwe

5: Enugu – Original name: Enu Ugwu: It is a mountain town

6: Okpaala – Original Name: Ọkpụ Ala Ngwa


7: Port Harcourt- Original name: Igwe Ọcha

8: Opobo – Original name: Igwe Nga

9: Bonny – Original Name: Igbani

10: Oyigbo- Original name: Obi Igbo

11:Abakiliki- Original Name :Abakeleke

12: Mbaise – Original Name: Agbaaja, Ahiara, Ekwerazụ, Oke Ovoro and Ezinihite They are Five independent villages but the white man force them to answer Mbaise as one village , The Mbaise people have a different culture that they believe in.



13: Asaba – Original Name: Ahaba : The Ahaba people are from Nteje village in Anamabra state

14: Onitsha – Original Name: Onicha

15: Ibusa – Original Name: Igbo Ụzọ: Ibusa migrate from Isu in Imo state.

16: Ogwashi Original name: Ọgwa Ahi. They are from Nri

17:Awka – Oka
18: Awkunanaw – Okunnano,
19 Amawbia- Amaobia,

20: Umuahia- Ọma ahịa

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