The First Rule of Making Money – Don’t Hate Money ~ Charles Awuzie

The First Rule of Making Money – Don’t Hate Money:

You can’t attract what you hate… Don’t let your religion or poverty make you hate money and those who control it.

When I was broke, I always admired people who have made legit money…. I celebrated them… I prayed for them… I made friends with them… I didn’t try to take advantage of them…. I genuinely loved them… And I always looked for a way to help them.

One of my mentors looked at me one day and said “Charles, your open mindedness and ability to learn from those ahead of you without jealousy or envy will make it easy for you to succeed financially”.
When I used to say things like “money can buy you a bed but it won’t buy you sleep”, the same mentor said to me – “Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort.” — He was quoting Helen Gurley Brown – one of the brightest minds that walked this earth.

It’s not possible to attract what you hate…

Even in the ongoing Apostolic Reformation where we speak up against the wickedness of some religious leaders, beware of blanket statements like “every pastor who flies a private jet is a thief”… No. If a pastor, for example, Pastor Julian Kyula of Kenya who is worth over 100 Million dollars which is money he made from entrepreneurship…. If he chooses to buy a private jet from his pocket, he deserves it because he worked for it. Being a pastor doesn’t mean he should live below his financial status.
We should only condemn those who live in luxury from money contributed BY poor congregants. They use the same jet to fly over the dilapidated homes of the poor people who donated to the purchase of their jet. That’s what I call wickedness.
But if anyone chooses to live in comfort using their hard earned money, please don’t hate such people. Make friends with them and learn their motivation and inspiration.

You can’t attract what you hate…

Say with me “I don’t hate money…. I love money….. Money cometh to me… I receive intelligence to create transgenerational wealth…. I am the last to suffer in my lineage… I am the seed of wealth planted in my lineage…. I attract wealth and wealthy people”.

Say this every day and your life will begin to attract wealth legitimately.

REMEMBER “Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort.” I will rather be sleepless in a beautiful mansion than to sleep all day in a dilapidated building somewhere in a village.

Think right and you will attract wealth.


By: Charles Awuzie of Gemsbok

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