Feminism: Nigerian Feminists Are Agent Of Darkness — Pondis

Content Curator cum Social Media Influencer, Jude Bonnison Pondis has taken to his Facebook profile to slam Feminists in Nigeria. According to him, Nigerian Feminists Are Agent Of Darkness.


Here’s what he wrote;



“Yes!!! These ones whose pictures appeared here are no feminist, they’re making things happen from their husband’s houses with loads of support and consent from their men, always with their husbands, super women positively running things but you won’t see them make noise, but you see these ones that relationship hasn’t worked for because of their bad character and ugly attitude, they’ll always come out to deceive young and promising girls that they’re equal with men and they shouldn’t take rubbish from any man, their vision is to ruin the chances of good girls with beautiful upbringing to be stubborn to men all in the name of equal right.


“Dear young woman, if you can learn from this post, please do, you must know that the pride of a woman lies in her man. Do not change your attitude because a man broke your heart in the past, know that people would hurt you but that shouldn’t make you become a bad person. You hurt people too. You’re not 100% perfect. You hurt God countless times He’s still there for you. Be a super woman and don’t join all these rejected women in the kingdom of God to become a feminist. The concept of feminism in other countries is not the same as Nigeria.


“And to all the men out there, once you perceive a woman to be feminist, at all cost avoid her like the plague. Real women are the pillars of their men, they make impact, they don’t assemble everyday to discuss mechanisms through which they’ll apply to end a man. That’s witchcraft and not positive gathering. Some of them ends up ‘doing’ their fellow women while other becomes bitter. Remember, there’s a woman behind every successful man. Not a feminist. God created man and woman not man and feminist. Shoutout to all the beautiful sane women out there… heroines.



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