Facebook To Start Hiding Likes, Reactions And Views Counts To Curb Depression

Zuckerberg’s Facebook experiments hiding of likes, reactions and views counts

Since majority of Facebook users are now seeing higher number of likes, reactions and views as a step of been successful, Mark Zuckerberg is currently planniy on hiding the counts to aid protect or rather say curb depression among users who always feel bad about it.


The number of likes, reactions and views of a post will be seen only by the author. With this, people will be denied the opportunity to judge people by numbers. Here’s a practical example; Most people that may not like a post that interests them simply because they feel it has a lot of likes, ractions or views will no longer do so, and those who misuse the haha, wow, sad, or angry reactor won’t have such opportunity anymore.

Facebook launched this trial in Australia on Friday, 27th September 2019 but has not decided if it’ll be extended beyond Australia. Equally most users have unleased their opinion regards to this latest development by Zuckerberg’s Facebook.


 I think it’s a good idea. You know alot of people have gone into depression due to low likes and views on their pictures and POST. It’ll help boast low self esteem and inferiority complex people have gotten on here. I think it’s a good innovation ~ Archibong.


AyeeSha Omadibi ~ Me the author, is my mental health not important? If I write about something dear to me in the hopes that people will catch on and like it, and by so doing like me more. And them my post isn’t as widely accepted as I had hoped. Will I not just goan off myself? Is my mental health not also important?


Ruth Love Edewor ~ I think it may have a negative effect on people that use Facebook for their business. We believe if a product has more likes, it means customers are happy with the product which gives birth to much purchase. Lets see how it plays out


So far, what’s your opinion regarding this? Let’s hear from you…