Facebook Herbalist, Angela Nwosu gives update on how to overcome ‘Village People’ this Christmas, Nigerians react

Facebook influencer and self-acclaimed digital ogbanje, Angela Nwosu has briefed her followers on the perfect way to counter ‘Village People’ and overcome this upcoming December and Christmas Celebration.

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Angela Nwosu’s photo

The young lady who’s married to Nollywood actor, Austin Soundmind Nnaemeka and is currently expecting a baby took to her official verified facebook page to inform her fans and patronizers that December is at hand and those afraid to return home due to fear of being killed by ‘umunna’ (Village People) should worry no more.

Angela Nwosu said;

“Are you afraid of going to your village? Do you have wicked umunna that has been threatening you with poison? Are you afraid of building on your village land, because of poison? ☠️

Fear no more. Your Facebook digital ogbanje is here again, with an effective 💯% Anti-poison, that nullifies all types of poison. Ice 🧊 on fire 🔥

Made with very effective 💯% natural items. Nature is everything. Certified spiritual chef, positive otumokpo reloaded. 💪

Getting ready to dispatch to some parts of the east. 🔥🔥🔥



Meanwhile, Angela Nwosu ‘s active fans has taken to the comment section to air their opinion.

Below are few comments from her followers;

“Before you buy this, make sure your hands are clean. Check yourself by yourself very well. Won’t be effective if you do Juju for people. Won’t be effective if you don’t have forgiving spirit. You must do Salaka after using this item.” – Lydia Valch

“How much is this anti-poison and can it be used on the leg of someone who stepped on a charm in the farm and cure it? It’s almost 2yrs of trying different things but the leg is still disturbing him” – Hrm Oluwadamilola Oluwasheyi

“I need this Nwanyioma , I have not travelled since because of them,there threat too much 😭” – Ogechukwu Onwuka Ezeoke

“Is not easy ooo the difference is in the believe ur anti poison that nullify all kind of poison direct from ur digital ogbanje no shaking
United💪” – Ozoemena Chidinma

“How I wish this was 6yrs ago, daddy junior would have still been alive today, I would have bought it to save his life, even if it means emptying my account.
God bless you mami for this, ndi nmadu di very bad” – Iheanacho Goodness Onyedikachi

“Really, d difference is in d belief and d belief is in d difference. Ada Anaedo, d only Queen of positivity.u are too much and u are doing a great work.
More wisdom!
More knowledge!
More strength!” – Chioma Okonkwo

“Mami with the sauce,,, thank you for coming to our rescue,,
For people like us that have CCTV Cameras as umunna,,,,,
Them go hear am this time,,,, make I prepare my money first
I don dey prepare for them like this” – Marvelous Agha

“Please Do you have the One that Can make In-laws to Tell me To Forget about The List that I should Just Come with anything I Have for Marriage.
Please I come in Peace those in-laws are Terrible more than Umunna.” – Kingsley Franklin

See the photo Angela Nwosu attached to her post, stating that she’s currently on the making process of the protection charms;