Experience in relation to faulty Ship’s Engine story

A ship engine failed, NO ONE could fix it.
Then they brought in a man with 40 yrs. on the job.

Experience in relation to faulty Ship's Engine story

He inspected the engine carefully.
Then reached into his bag & pulled out a small hammer.

He gently tapped a spot. Immediately, the engine rocked into life. It was fixed!

7 Days later, the owners got his bill for $10,000.

‘What?!’ the owners exclaimed. ‘He scarcely did anything.’ They asked for an itemized bill.

His response:

”Tapping with a hammer = $2 and Knowing where to tap = $9,998″

Story Lesson: Don’t Ever Underestimate Experience!

His name was Charles Proteus Steinmetz, a German born engineer and pioneer in the field of electricity.

The generator in question belonged to Henry Ford, the chalk mark was only $1, the expertise $9,999. Ford paid the bill.

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