Ex-Governor’ Ikedi Ohakim speaks on incessant attacks on Facebook, plans moving to Twitter

The one term ex-Governor of Imo State (the Eastern heartland), Barr. Ikedi Ohakim today, Friday 15th November 2019 took to his official Facebook page to narrate his ordeal on the rise of Social media abuse, incessant attacks from most of his Facebook followers, plans on moving to Twitter.


In his words; “In other to help some youths avoid attracting curses to themselves by unjustly insulting their elders, I’m seriously considering throwing in the towel on Facebook and shutting down this page.


When I was governor, we didn’t have platforms such as this where I could get closer to my people. In my desire to get close to you, I released an email address to the public which as governor, I personally read and responded to. A few people utilized that avenue of communication and many things we achieved were from advise you gave us. Many unfortunately didn’t care about it and many of them were those who believed every bad thing they heard about me without trying to find out the truth. They invariably put Imo through the worst eight years of her existence. I pray for you that people will not always want to hear bad things about you and never try to find out the truth when you are falsely accused.


I have been on Facebook since 2013 silently reading posts without contributing. I became more active around 2016. My desire have always been to share ideas with you, share in your pain and in your joy and as much as I can afford, help those in need.


Unfortunately some people have turned it into an avenue to avail us of their lack of proper home training invariably attracting curses upon themselves and their innocent generations without even knowing what they are doing today. I think I should save them by leaving Facebook.


I have received calls from over four serving and former colleagues as well as senators and representatives both state and federal who expressed surprise that I brave the Facebook crowd. They call it the unruly crowd. I had always told them that I desire to get closer to my people because of the love I have for them and as such, I swallow every insult and soldier on.


However, I am human and there comes a time one says enough is enough. It’s no longer enough blocking some people who exhibit their madness in public. I’m considering advise to join the Twitter crowd which I’m told is a less rowdy and more civil community than Facebook.


Ohakim was arrogant, please was I arrogant to you or to your father or your mother or a member of your family? When and where did this happen? Or is Ohakim’s supposed arrogance another hearsay? A figment of a madman’s hallucinations? Ohakim is this Ohakim is that and yet you cannot in all honestly before God and before man defend with facts your accusations. Yet everyday you are having High BP at the mention of my name. I won’t say God forbid but if you wish evil unto me, I pray you change but if you persist, may same be visited upon you.


Another group are the professional beggars who beg you from a plate of food to money to start up a business. When you fail to give them, you become the anti-Christ. These one habitual beggar I was informed yesterday was spreading the usual lies against me simply because I stopped giving him money because I want him to sit up and start being useful to himself. He has insulted my name and even my family who were not spared from his begging since then. I’m glad a lot of people are now aware of His antics and put him to his place yesterday. However there are still some like that who resort to blackmail and insults when you fail to give them money. The madness the young man exhibits is probably from curses he attracted to himself by insulting innocent elders. I want to save more people from same fate.


I have said it over and over, I cannot help everybody. You that is asking because you think only you have a problem, do you think I don’t have my own problems. Maybe if I come to your messenger and start telling you my problems you’ll realize that no human being is immune from problems. Dangote as wealthy as he is has his own problems. He cannot even help everybody in his hometown of Kano which probably had the highest number of beggars in Nigeria so how do you expect Ohakim to be the answer to all your problems and when I fail, you insult and blackmail me?



Everything Ikedi Ohakim does is a problem for you. I voluntarily serve my people and somebody suddenly knows the amount of money in my bank account and picks a figure from his warped mind as what I am being paid even though they left nothing behind for the state to pay me with. Our people fail to understand that great economies are built through selfless service. When a former American president will still come back to serve as an ambassador without feeling too pompous that he was formally calling the shots. But if Ohakim does that even without taking a penny as payment, Ohakim suddenly is blocking the youths from growing.


Enwe hu ihe emere mete uwa is what our forefathers would always tell us and they are right.


I do everything in life not for man but for God and posterity. A gospel singer in the 90s said, oburu na’m wu ahihia owu ma ndi iro’m efo pula muo. If I hadn’t embrace Almighty God the way I have, I wonder where I would be today.


Iwu onye Igbo and we have respect for our elders. Where we got all these alien behaviours from baffles me. Even when more highly placed than an elder, I still bring myself down to address them and can never insult them publicly. My parents may God rest their souls trained me well and would turn in their graves if I should be insolent to an elder. In life, the fan blows left and blows right, what you do today will definitely find a way of catching up to you tomorrow. The sins of the father aren’t just theirs to carry the consequences but Bible mere ka anyi mara na oga eru umu, umu anyi aka.


Respect and honor your elder so that you may age gracefully. Honor your leader so that you may get to their level and even surpass them. I’m yet to see anybody with nsiko mentality going far in life.


To save you from bringing further curses upon yourself and your innocent generations on my behalf, I just might close down this Facebook account and try Twitter.


May pain is all the good friends I’ve made here over the years I would be forced to leave behind for the benefit of a few.”

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