Monday Motivation: Every Step Counts – Step Forward

Dear esteemed reader on Mentorslinks, in your endeavors, do remember that every step counts and as that, learn to step forward because every flower started as a seed. We can water and care for seeds and watch them grow.

Baby steps are still steps, ensure that you keep pushing forward always and never loose-guard.

Always strive for continuous improvement at our own pace, and do not allow anything stop you from reaching your goals because every successful person out there, once started as a BEGINNER.

Want to improve your work day tomorrow? Here’s ONE simple thing to do tonight to make that happen. 👇

✅ Get enough sleep.

And it’s not just the NUMBER of hours, it’s also important to establish a routine.

Did you know that 25% of Americans experience insomnia?

Lack of sleep is responsible for:

⬆️ depression
⬆️ impulsive behavior
⬆️ stress
⬆️ cardiovascular disease

While a healthy sleep routine can lead to:

⬆️ memory
⬆️ mood
⬆️ focus
⬆️ physical/mental health

Here are 4 tips to help you improve your sleep:

✅ Read 20-30 minutes before bed
✅ Stop liquids 90 minutes before bed
✅ Set a regular sleep/wake cycle
✅ Get at least 7-8 hours/night