Every JOB Seeker and Recruiter Should Read This!

I’ve failed in more jobs than I’ve succeeded…

I started as a cashier at Whole foods, got promoted to Supervisor, but then wasn’t mature enough, made mistakes, and was asked to step down to cashier.

I resigned.

I was fired from another job right after graduating college.

Anxiety got the best of me, I didn’t learn the job well, and they let me go.

As a recruiter, I did well. But I got promoted to Project Manager and hated that, too. More anxiety. I was unhappy and asked to be demoted.

I was back to just working as a recruiter, but knew this wasn’t my dream.

I wanted more.

Finally, I found something that works for ME – online business.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s what I needed to succeed and to play to my strengths.

My point is:

  1. Everyone’s strengths are different. It’s okay if you fail at a few things; you’re just finding out what you’re good at!

  2. If you’re not where you want to be yet, it’s okay. This isn’t the end. Just keep going.

  3. You only need to become great at one thing to make a lot of money. 🤷‍♂️

I’ve seen this over and over again among friends/colleagues and know it to be true 🙂

You can fail at 10 things, and find 1 that you are great at, and you’re going to be successful.

Do you agree?

Story Shared By: Biron Clark [Career Advice Author | Founder at CareerSidekick.com]

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