Fathers should carter for Daughters till she’s married or stable

It is the father’s duty to take care of his Daughter till she’s financially stable or legally married. Men, don’t produce a child when there is No physical budget or plan for that child. That’s arr@nt wickedn┬úss and collateral Suicide. Your daughter is your second wife, your Baby, you must provide for her everything She needs without complain. and she Must have access to you always, even in Matters of relationships. Allow her to bring her suitors to you,and As a man question the guy, man to man And search his spirit as a Godly father. Remember “guy man no dey dull guy man”


Men, always sit your daughter down and Talk to her on how to handle her marriage And her life. if only father’s can talk to Their daughters and mother’s talk to their Sons from childhood,we will have better Marriages in this era.


Ladies, don’t break your father’s heart by Bringing pregnancy out of wedlock. no Matter how you try to justify it, it is not a Prayer point of any reasonable dad. The pride of any father is to hand over his Daughter to the groom on her wedding Day.and to see her succeed in life. the Fact you made a mistake being a single Mom doesn’t mean you should promote Your teen daughter to trend in that Direction.lets call a spade a spade.



Lastly, men teach your Daughters not to take anything from any Man who is not legally married to her. Raise an african queen and a brown skin Girl who’s Independent and smart, ready To meet her prince. not a daughter who is A beggar. Raise a daughter that will Impact lives, not a daughter that without Man she’s paralyzed. a daughter who Understands that money is not meant for men alone but for both genders.


A daughter who has courtesy and knows the right words to use at the right time. A Daughter that will not spend all her life Inside the house manufacturing kids like A fowl in the name of marriage.but Rather,a fighter of destiny. Let’s work hard to make this money. train That girl,that even without a son she will Play the role of a son.


Written By: Daniel Jackson.
Authoritatively published by Mentorslinks.com