#EndSARS: Reasons Why Government Can’t Stop Protesters

    Article Written By: Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna (Facebook user)Article Written By: Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna (Facebook user)

In this protest, we see the power in decentralized systems.

¶ The protests in different places thrive because there is no face, no leader, no central authority.

¶ Government used banks as a weapon, the people shifted to cryptocurrency—a decentralized system.

¶ Government used the police, who are meant to secure lives, against the people, but the people countered their actions with even more equipped security personnel.

¶ Protesters are being fed well; eating three square meals that are appetizing. Heard that some people even go ahead to give dessert. This is possible because nobody is waiting for someone to approve budget for food.

Some countries of the world became successful because of decentralized systems and group economics. And I think it’s our turn.

When power is concentrated at a central point, there is a tendency of abuse and misuse. The persons(s) in power suddenly feel that they are above everyone else. They use the apparatus to favor and enrich themselves.

But in a decentralized system, everyone has equal right. The interest of the individual is the interest of the community, and the interest of the community is the interest of the individual.

And this is what we are seeing currently.


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