Elon Musk Will Become Homeless By The End Of This Year


In a fresh lecture by South African-based Nigerian Cyber Security Expert, Charles Awuzie, the recently announced world’s richest person, Elon Musk, will become homeless by the end of year 2021.

Charles Awuzie who is the Chairman of Gemsbok Group, stated that, the richest man in the world is selling off all his homes and his only plan is to sleep over in the factory where he works.

“Cashless Wealth, the Billionaire Mindset… By the end of this year, Elon Musk will become HOMELESS.

“Yes. The richest man in the world is selling off all his homes and his only plan is to sleep over in the factory where he works and if his children visits, he would rent an apartment for them down the road,” he said.

Elon Musk announced as world's richest person

Charles Awuzie said that, “he [Elon Musk] reinvests the proceeds from the sale of his homes into Tesla with no plans of keeping cash in his bank account.

“This means that if you meet the richest man in the world, you may be cash-richer than him but in reality, you are poor and he’s wealthy.

“Now let me ask you a question: If you become the richest man in your tiny village, wouldn’t you buy up all the land in your village and splash 💦 mud on the young boy on your muddy street?

“If you had just one million dollars, wouldn’t you go on Instagram and do #giveaway in order to show off your poor cash?

“Hushpuppi had cash but NOT ONE INVESTMENT was traced to his name. Most of your Instagram celebrities who do giveaways are cash-rich, stock-broke.

You need to define why you are making money… Are you making money to afford Gucci? Or to own a part of Gucci? 🤔 Are you making money to afford a Bentley? Or to own shares in Bentley? 🤔

You need to start Reformatting your brain…. Remove consumerism and materialism from your mind. Think business always…. Think wealth, not as cash but as investments…. Connect with business people. And limit how you connect with people who show off to protect you from the madness and desperation of materialism.

The mindset of a wealth builder is different from the mindset of a cash eater. Don’t be the “Ome na cash One of Nnewi” when you can be the leading Investor in the world.

Your children will not inherit your cars… But they will inherit your investments. Think about Elon Musk – a homeless Billionaire,” he added.