Dreams Drive On The Wheels Of Ambition – Yemi Faseun

Who is Yemi Faseun? Yemi Faseun is a HR Professional; Career Advisor; Top 501 Most Fabulous Global HR Leader; Top 150 Global HR Influencer; Top 8 HR Thought Leader in Africa; SalesRuby Top 50 Linkedin Personality; Elected Council Member at CIPM (Nigeria)

“Please can I join the pilots to see the landing?”

I am not sure exactly where the boldness came from that day but the only air hostesses in the small plane looked at me with a smile and promised to check with the pilot. This was in 2007.

It had been a long but interesting flight from Lagos and it was one of those moments life offered you some rare opportunities. An 11-seater plane was sent from South Africa to ferry some Board Directors from Lagos to Cape Town. And since I had been scheduled for a business meeting in Jo’burg about the same time, I joined the flight with Abiola Orojo ACC SHRM-SCP.

First stop to refuel was in Windhoek, Namibia and then we dropped off the Directors in Cape Town before finally heading to Jo’burg. It had been a life-time ambition to see the landing of a plane from inside the cockpit. I just needed to demystify the process in my mind. And when she returned a few minutes later to say yes. I was too elated. Seated between the pilot and co-pilot, we sighted the runaway and the pilot gave me a blow-by-blow account of the landing procedure. A dream finally came true!

Indeed, dreams drive on the wheels of ambition.


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