Dr. Charles Awuzie reacts to #SharifAminu Death Penalty

Dr. Charles Awuzie – the CEO of Gemsbok Group has reacted to the news trending on the internet and social media platforms of the 22 year old Hausa-Nigerian musician who was sentenced to death for blasphemy against Mohammed.

Here’s what Charles Awuzie wrote;

“#SharifAminu, aged 22, was on Monday sentenced to death for committing blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam in a song he circulated via Whatsapp. He is now been held in the worst fell in Kano awaiting Execution 😢.

“He was accused of committing the offence in March 2020 after which protesters burnt down his family house.

Nothing Will Change In Nigeria Even If 'Jesus' Becomes President - Charles Awuzie
Charles Awuzie

“I am calling on my INTELLIGENT INFLUENTIAL MUSLIM FRIENDS on this platform, don’t let this happen to this 22 year old boy 😢. I beg you in the name of God.

“This is the time to prove that Islam is a religion of peace and that Allah is Forgiving.

“The greatest sermon that Islam can preach to the whole world is to set this boy free…

“And to Christians, join in advocating for the physical salvation of this young life…. I call on all Christian leaders to save this boy. Don’t preach salvation to me again if you watch this boy lose his life because of a whatsapp audio 🔉.

“I hate religion because it can destroy the life of a 22 year old man who has a future because he insulted a prophet who is already in heaven 😢.

“Some of you reading this can make a call or send messages to those in places of authority to help #SaveSharifAminu from execution.


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