Does Love Exist? Trending Campus Story


I am Jessica, a student of the University of PortHarcourt, uniport and currently in my 300L. It all began while i was still an aspirant, it was just at the time when the merit list came out.


I wasnt really known in any of the aspirants groups like some were, but i kept receiving numerous inbox from guys i know not but claim to be a student of the school, sometimes i could on my data and see 50 new messages from different boys, i havent even resumed… Am becoming a hot cake😋.

Some were already crushing, many asked me out including students nd Aspirants. Sometimes I asked myself, what feel about me. Everyone claimed they love me, and it kept me wondering how one could love what he has not seen. Sometimes what we girls go through in making choice of a guy is hell.



At this time i was already having close to 30 guys who wanted me to be their girlfriend😒, i was in deep confusion as to respond to their proposal, cos almost all of them showed they care in one way, some will always call, some will buy you gifts, send card etc, i felt like an angel.


But the word “LOVE” they used most times sounded like a fairy tale, as i have never been in a relationship before, talk more of being in love. But from most people view of love, majority says it does not exist.



Some call love a dream that can never become a reality , some say its an imaginary illusion that is only felt on the mind but no outer demonstration.
Some say love can only be acted in movies not in real life. And many more. But these were all people’s definition, i wanted my own definition, i decided to explore.



The first guy i accepted Michael, He was in 200L while i was in 100L, he was too caring, mike could call you 5times in a day just to ask i was fairing, i felt i would be pampered if only i could be his girlfriend, so i accepted.


Two weeks in our relationship, i felt i already made heaven, we behaved like couples, our love kept growing so well, infact i was so convinced that love exists and i began feeling maybe those who say love doesn’t exist haven’t found the right person, until after a month.



I noticed some weird changes in Mike’s behaviour, it was a norm for mike to always call me at least once in a day but for a week now, no call or chat from mike even when he is online. Mike that always reply my chat like the speed of light now snubs my messages.


Sometimes when he replies, he replies like we have nothing for each other, something like “ok” ‘yea” “ok?”. Thet is when a woman loves she loves for real, but men dont.


I still had guys flooding my inbox with their proposals but i’m already in love with mike, I was still wondering what could be my offence, I called at a time to ask how he was fairing, he was only answering the question I asked, he didnt even ask how i was doing. I was vexed, i had to hang up, “i am already in love with mike” i kept pondering.


I was ready to do whatsoever to get him back. I prayed everyday for mike , sometimes i wondered if i was the only one in love in the relationship, or am i wasting my time, but the funny thing is, at the early of our relationship, we hugged like no man’s business, e remain to kiss, but these days when mike sees me, he stretches his hand to shake me.


I felt so doomed, i couldn’t concentrate in my studies anymore, i was so distracted by our love affairs until i met Sipisi a student of FUTO, who really counselled me, though his advice looked challenging and risky but i had to try it out. I called mike and asked for us to meet, he started giving clumsy excuses of how he would be busy or the works he would be doing.



I begged so hardly until he finally agreed to show up. When l saw him, l decided to follow sipisi principle, which was to hug him and give him a slow kiss. It was in the evening tho at about 6:41pm, at our normal site, as he approached me, i walked up to him and kissed him well, he did same as well, and he doesn’t even wanna let go.



It worked, Sipisi stuff worked sha, it was now time to tell him wat i dont like. He felt remorsed, trapping a man’s heart as sipisi called it, looked so sweet. Things came back to normal until one fateful i caught him…



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