Do Not Compare Medical Degree To Google Search

The health seeking behaviour of the average Nigerian is very disturbing and borderline appalling.


You notice something unusual and instead of going to the hospital to check out what might be wrong, you stay at home, diagnose yourself, Google up drugs and start taking. ALL ON YOUR OWN! 😲😲😲


The most recent rave is this Yoni pearl thingy that is all over the place.


Alleged to cure all sorts of gynaecological problems ranging from STDs, candidiasis, infertility, menorrhagia and even down to Fibroids and Endometriosis!
What a wawu.


Obs&Gyn doctors, they finally found the wonder drug oh. You’re wasting your time with those regimens. CC: Chioma.


On a business group that I belong to on WhatsApp, it’s been marketed and when the topic came up, I gave my honest opinion but I was the lone voice crying out in the wilderness.


Today someone came saying one of her customers is having a severe reaction to it and people told her to keep up with it, that it’s because the ‘infection in her body is too much’ so it’s taking time to clean it out. 🙆‍♀🙆‍♀🙆‍♀


I commented saying that when this whole thing started, I gave my two cents and I was waved aside. Now this and y’all are telling her to continue?!!! 😲😲


One hanty said that doctors are confused, they just want people to keep coming to the hospital so they can have money in their pockets.
As per the consultation fee paid at the registration point comes straight to us fa. 🤷‍♀🤷‍♀🤦‍♀



I’ll be here when the casala will burst. Then they will run to the hospital when it has gone beyond them and be shouting ‘doctor do something!’. Since we’re now magicians naaaa.



Please for goodness sake, if you have any issues don’t sit at home and manage yourself. Don’t start chatting doctors up asking what to do(there are exceptions to this);




Intact lemme keep quiet and be going sef. After all what do I know, I’m just a broke useless Nigerian doctor. 🤷‍♀🚶‍♀


Written By: Kedei Ibiang ~