Mentorslinks: Do The Most Successful People Have Childhood Trauma?

Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz grew up in a housing project.

Oprah faced terrible abuse as a child.
Gary Vaynerchuk was made to drink urine out of a Pepsi can because he couldn’t speak English.

In a Wall Street Journal article, clinical psychologist, Meg Jay discusses how childhood trauma and exceptional achievement go together more often than not.

So, what changes PTSD into growth?

Growing up, I almost died, 3 times, 2 of those were at the hands of a close loved one.

I was bullied relentlessly, beaten to the point of unconsciousness and was the recipient of immense amounts of hate.

However, I believe the main differentiator between those that have painful pasts and win and those that have painful pasts and lose is that they choose to realize that the only thing worse than what they’ve been through is reliving it every day in their head.

I’m thankful for every single time I was knocked to the ground.
I’m grateful for each person who’s ever hated me. I’m in debt to every single scar as it made me who I am.

Your past can either be an excuse or a tool. If you’ve had massive pain in your past, remember, you don’t need pity, you need to give a purpose to your pain.

College students: are you worried that you don’t have any ‘real’ work experience?

Are you dismissing job postings that require 1-3 years of experience thinking ….

There’s no way I can apply?!

✅ Have you ever worked as a waiter/waitress? Or mowed lawns or done yardwork?

✅ Have you started a club or any initiative in school?

✅ Have you ever volunteered?

Guess what?

You have valuable work experience.

The SECRET is knowing how to translate it into JOB-SPEAK.

✅ Waiter/waitress = sales experience (ability to upsell); high touch customer service (ability to deal with difficult people); empathy or EQ (emotional intelligence); multiple responsibilities (ability to multitask); responsible & dependable; strong work ethic.

✅ Lawn mowing/yard work = entrepreneurial; sales experience; multiple responsibilities (ability to multitask); responsible & dependable; strong work ethic.

✅ Clubs/initiatives = self-starter; fearless; eager to learn; curious; leader.

✅ Volunteering = empathy or EQ (emotional intelligence); mission-oriented/mission-driven; eager to learn; strong work ethic.

Please don’t sell yourself short!

How did you change from being a shy employee with no experience, to become a connector, working in TV with a successful business?

My answer: I DECIDED to change my view and change for the BETTER. And the same is possible for you:

♦️ Change your mind.

♦️Change your health.

♦️Change your goals.

♦️Change what you spend your time doing.

♦️ Change your focus.

♦️Change who you surround yourself with (virtually).

♦️ Change the vision that you have for yourself and the people that you love.

How can I change those things when I am lacking so much?

My answer: Change the way you view your life. Spend all your time listening, seeking, watching, reading, learning, and speaking about WHAT YOU WANT. There will be no more space for anything else.