#DHS : Tools For Making Money In Year 2020

___Get Your ‘DHS’ Properly Oiled To Exploit Year 2020…Don’t just dump your current-rising job, business or dream; upgrade it!


DHS here is my self created acronym for Determination, Hardwork, and Smartwork. Year 2020 shouldn’t be left unexploited. You get this achieved by not just talking, rather by working towards your set-dreams. Don’t just stay and motivate others when you are doing nothing on your part.


Staying determined simply mean being focused as it always remind you to stay on course, to not give up, despite challenges you might be facing.

On hardwork, not everything that’s good always comes easily. Dreams doesn’t become reality instantly: it takes hardwork borne out of determination.


Work smart! How noisy is your mind? Create room for a creative scenes therein and exploit the world with amazing ideas you’ll display.