Dear men, Please Don’t Give Any Lady False Hope

Sometimes I don’t blame some ladies who end up being side chick to Married men. Not that it’s a good thing but sometimes, these ladies don’t know that those men are married.


Relationship On


Some men can swear for Africa. “I am not married.” meanwhile he has a beautiful wife and children at home. Brother, please who are you deceiving? How can you deny your family just because you want to be with another woman? It’s unfair. A lady will ask you “sir, are you married?”


You will shout No, Causing the Lady to suffer for no reason with hopes that she has found the right man not knowing that she is with another woman’s husband.  Sometimes I feel their pain because they are ladies like me.



Dont just give any lady false hope when you know you are married or not having intentions of marrying her. Please let her know and not keep on making her to believe that you are the one for her. One guy sent me an email through and said that he  just dated a girl for just 7 Years and the lady is asking her where the relationship is heading to.



How can you date someone for 7 years, yet you don’t know if you can live with her or not? Please guys make una take am easy for us sometimes.



Don’t just give any woman false hope if you know you are not interested.



Even God won’t be happy with you if you continue doing that. Please change.