Deaf And Dumb Couple’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot Goes Viral

Pre wedding photoshoot of yet-to-be identified deaf and dumb lovers is making waves in the internet — learnt.

According to the photographer (Photophactory Kels) who shared the stunning photos on YabaLeftOnline Ward Facebook Group, she narrated that it took over 2hours to take the shoot.

In her words, “These Couples are Deaf and Dumb. It took us over 2 hours to take this shoot. We practically have to write everything down to achieve this shoot. Yet, they are the most happiest couple shoot we have ever shot. Their wedding is in December, and we shall be shooting for free. Anybody who wants to be part of their celebration should contact Admin.”

“I love the Chemistry they both share. Happy married life in Advance!”


Below are more of their photoshoot:



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