Buy/Sale Crypto, Fund Wallets

As the crypto industry keeps growing and attracting more investors and enthusiasts, many have reached out to us regarding getting active, reliable and verified (legitimate) vendors where they can Buy or Sale their crypto assets.

As we (Soaznews Media Network) have built an innovative and strong business oriented community over the years (2018 till date), we have deemed it necessary to integrate cryptocurrency into our business.

Beware that, cryptos can’t be withdrawn into your bank account directly – rather you sell to another vendor (trader) in exchange for fiat (transfers money to your bank account).

To sell or buy (fund your crypto wallet), you can reach out to us via WhatsApp via  +2348160999249 . We are 24/7 active and reliable.

You can join one of our Crypto-related Telegram Community with over 20,000 active crypto enthusiasts, here. Kind regards.

If you want to start crypto, use any of the following wallets outlined below;

Trust Wallet,



TronLink Pro,

Blockchain wallet, etc…

If you want to be getting verified news on crypto, you can use the following mediums; Cointelegraph, Binance news, Coinbase news, Coindesk, Kucoin news etc…

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