Crypto Is Gambling, Until Regulated — Gemsbok Founder

Gemsbok Group founder, Dr. Charles Awuzie, has hinted that, the cryptocurrency market is like gambling, until it is regulated completely.

”Until the Crypto market is REGULATED, whatever anyone is doing in the market is called GAMBLING.

Beware of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. Calm down… Take a deep breath. You are not missing out on anything… Take your time to research.. Study… Beware of asking strangers you meet on Facebook for investment advice… Many people in thousands have been defrauded… Buying cryptocurrency is not difficult… You don’t need a teacher if you can use Google…. I am going to upload video tutorials soon… Learn how to do your own research so nobody defrauds you using your FOMO.

4 years ago, I started getting paid in bitcoin instead of dollars… So I EARNED some good amount of Bitcoin… When I built a platform for one of Nigeria’s most popular women religious groups whose leader passed on in Abuja a few years ago, I requested for the balance in bitcoin too… So I EARNED Bitcoin, I didn’t actually BUY most of what I have. This is on a personal level… On the business level as Gemsbok Group, the business has its own policy and it is a smart strategy as I’ve shared here before. Do you understand?

With the altcoins, I just throw in what I can lose from time to time…. I do so just for experiments.

Like I said, until the market is REGULATED, everyone of us are only gambling. This is the honest truth. Anyone claiming to have an accurate prediction of the future of an unregulated market is not only foolish but ignorant. Beware of such. And if you are on my friends list and you give people the assurance of an all positive outcome in cryptocurrency, I will block you immediately because you are not being RESPONSIBLE.

What has helped me to grow over the years is my HONESTY with myself and people around me. I don’t give people false hope… I don’t excite people with false hopes… I stick to what is honest, factual and intelligent… I also do not believe in foolish risks… I believe that every risk must be evaluated, analyzed and managed intelligently and honestly.

Most industry leaders and analysts are pushing for the REGULATION of the market… I am joining a zoom session soon where this will also be discussed…. Until the market is REGULATED, anyone with the influence of Elon Musk can manipulate the market for selfish reasons. And that’s what experts and leaders are trying to stop.

Keep these words in your mind as you continue to research and study this new industry. Always remember the first principle of life – CALM DOWN.”

Dear crypto enthusiasts, do not allow FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) push you into borrowing cash at extraordinary interest rates to buy crypto.

Don’t get yourself into unnecessary pressure because the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and extremely unpredictable at times.

Please, invest only what you can afford to loose; or where should price go down south; you wouldn’t be under immense Pressure to repay debt!!

The Crypto Market is like Apapa and Tincan Ports. The $Coins and $Tokens are the ships and hundreds if not thousands show up everyday!

Why would you wanna risk swimming across to catch up an already sailed ship when Plenty More are about to Berth.

If you miss a buying Opportunity today, calm down and take a deep breath because there are plenty and even better opportunities to come! Invest What You Can Afford To Loose when the market goes wrong. Gracias ♥️

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