COVID-19 Lockdown: The Plight of Concerned Nigerian Youth

Rt. Comr. Celestine O. Celestine articles on Coronavirus (Covid-19) total Lockdown Order in Nigeria

Coronavirus: Revolution is Imminent if…..


When we raise alarm, feeble minds won’t understand…. You are free to believe whatever you want to believe.


Nigerians are been so much stretched to their elastic limit and the resultant effect will certainly will be very disastrous.


Our leaders believe that Nigerians will always adapt and i say…..”Provided the elastic limit is not exceeded” because If it does, there may be anarchy in the land.


Recently, we are experiencing broad day light and night robbery as a result of hunger due to lockdown within Lagos and it’s environs and our government is paying lip service to that…. Thinking it does not affect them directly..hmm!


I am very certain that before long, it will directly affect the government.


Do not force out the beast in the populace! Do not force your supporters to turn against you! Do not allow them to harden their hearts!


Other countries that had lockdown as a result of Covid 19 are providing for their citizens no matter how small to encourage them to stay at home while our insensitive, inhuman and barbaric leaders are using the opportunity to cash out while politicising the relieve funds and materials donated by private individuals.


A lot of them have become richer within this period and are praying for it to continue…. This is sardonic!!


It is only in Nigeria that our leaders embezzle money and food meant for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) and the next day you will hear that the warehouse caught fire and burnt the food stuffs……. Kai!! There was a country!


I am using this opportunity to call on the necessary authorities in the land to as a matter of urgency avoid this impending danger of revolution….


Our option A (Lockdown) is no longer working because people cannot stay hungry for that long… You cannot keep over 180million Nigerians locked up while you enjoy their collective patrimony in government house with nothing to show for it….


A voice is crying in the wilderness!! Please try another option (B)!


These people will revolt! Hunger will open the locked doors sooner than we expect!!


I rest my pen!


My name is Rt. Comr. Celestine O. Celestine
(Writing from Western Nigeria)

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