Couple Pour Hot Water On Maid For Licking Baby’s Milk

Mrs Ogochukwu Anichukwu and her husband, Mr Emmanuel Anichukwu, from Ndikelionwu have been taken to the Human Rights Legal Initiative in Ekwulobia for pouring hot water on their house help.

Couple Pour Hot Water On Househelp For Licking Their Baby's Milk (Photos)

Little Nma who resides with the couple at Nanka, Ekwulobia, Anambra state allegedly licked their baby’s milk. The couple locked her inside a room to prevent neighbours from noticing her scarred body.


Neighbours allege that Nma has been observed eating sand due to starvation. She also endured constant flogging and other abuses from the couple.


Nma’s sorry plight was noticed by a neighbour who entered the Anichukwu residence unexpectedly and saw Nma trying to run inside to avoid being seen as the couple had warned her not to allow anyone to see her.

The neighbour then reported the matter to the Human Rights Commission. Nma is currently receiving medical care at a hospital while the couple have been handed over to the authorities.


For more on this, contact the Human Rights Legal Aid Initiative on 08166603578. Reports/Photo by Da Zion Umoh.


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