Corpse Dressed And Made To Sit On Chair Comfortably During Funeral Occasion (Photos)

Here’s the trending story of corpse that was properly dressed and made to sit down comfortably for people to see during the funeral ceremony.


The funeral occasion of the corpse made to sit down instead of lying on coffin as gathered by Mentorslinks transpired in Trinidad & Tobago.

The burial happened on Wednesday of Che Lewis and Adlay Lewis, the father and son who were killed on November 14, garnered massive attention as videos of Che Lewis, 29, being transported to the chapel in a chair at the back of the hearse began circulating on social media.

corpse made to sit down instead of lying on coffin

They showed the dead man sitting on the back of a “convertible” hearse – a hearse with the top of the tray cut off – as he was transported along Belmont Circular Road in Port of Spain.

Another video followed Lewis as his body was driven around the Queen’s Park Savannah.

The body was put to sit in a chair at the entrance of a church in Diego Martin. The service was arranged by Dennie’s Funeral Home.

corpse sitting down instead of lying in coffin

The body was being viewed by relatives at the service, and on a live video on the funeral home’s Facebook page.

The body of Lewis’s father Adlay was viewed in a casket, also at the entrance.

On November 14 at about 11.20 pm residents of First Trace, Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin heard gunshots.

Father and son were found bleeding from gunshot wounds. Police and emergency services were alerted but both men died.